Wishful Wednesdays – Together in an 80’s Dream

'Wishful Wednesdays' is a weekly series of ideas for video games that I would like to exist but as yet, to my knowledge, don't. Each week I'll detail a short game idea or concept. If I happen to mention an idea that's already out there, would you kindly let me know so I can play …

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I'm not sure who I'd be apologising to but I'll apologise for my recent dereliction of duties none the less. A rather big thing has happened since my last blog post, and when I say rather big I mean monumental. So much so I've had to devote all my time solely to it. Allow me …

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Prey (2017) Review – Making Toilets Terrifying

Now, I'm not sure if there's a medical term for 'fear of opening a bathroom door and anticipating the swift removal of your face at the tentacles of an alien', but there damned well should be after playing Arkane Studio's latest offering. I'd scuttle around Talos-1, creeping into restrooms, no, not because I'm a peeping-tom …

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