My E3 Folly

I did something foolish. Before E3 2017 reared its oversized and exaggerated head I was ready to report on the latest and greatest in the gaming world. The plan was to write small 200-300 word news pieces after each new announcement and things went rather well at first. But like most plans, it didn't quite work …

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Prey (2017) Review – Making Toilets Terrifying

Now, I'm not sure if there's a medical term for 'fear of opening a bathroom door and anticipating the swift removal of your face at the tentacles of an alien', but there damned well should be after playing Arkane Studio's latest offering. I'd scuttle around Talos-1, creeping into restrooms, no, not because I'm a peeping-tom …

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Star Wars Battlefront II – This Is The Game You’re Looking For

This is what we've all been waiting for isn't it? I've been as jolly as a Jawa after a succesful droid sale since the announcement of Star Wars Battlefront II, and the reveal of its single-player campaign. I've been dying to know more, and now we do. Accompanied by a dozen Storm Troopers, Janina Gavankar …

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