EA Play – Round-Up

Electronic Arts kicked off this years E3 with their EA Play presentation and with it came a few great announcements, but it also came with more than its fair share of gaffs. The first thing that struck me about the presentation was the total lack of quality, well, presenters. I assumed the point of these conferences are to not only inform people of your new games and tech but to get people hyped about them too. Clearly EA had other ideas.

Wallens EA Play
I still don’t know who he is…
Take Jesse “YouTube creator” Wallens for example, a man who looks like a mix between Yorkie from Black Mirror’s ‘San Junipero’ and the entire lineup of Backstreet Boys. Now I’m no expert but when you have to start with “If you guys don’t know who I am…” you probably shouldn’t be in front of the camera, but that wasn’t Jesse’s only problem. No, he decided to go all Max Headroom on us and began freezing and repeating himself until finally, Marcus (or was it Nick?) Nilsson of Ghost Games, saved the poor android from a fatal malfuction.

And that wasn’t the only awkward moment, the whole event was peppered with them. At one moment I genuinely thought I was the idiot and actually EA was just trolling all along. That was until Janina Gavankar. Accompanied by a dozen Storm Troopers, Gavankar showed us all exactly how it should be done. Confidence, passion, and a kick-ass outfit is clearly the winning combination.

How do I make that outfit into a t-shirt?
So I hope you noticed EA. I hope you realise that you’re only hope of success in the future it to make sure Janina Gavankar presents absolutely everything you have going forward. On a more serious note (I’m serious about Janina Gavankar, she’s awesome), YouTube personalities or influencers are becoming a regular occurence at these events, replacing known talented spokespeople. Presenting is a skill to be learnt and I hope this event serves as a warning for all.

Okay, so onto the games. We had some great announcements, off course the expected FIFA, Madden, and NBA Live were there, but the highlights were definitely A Way Out and Need for Speed Payback. Both of which I cannot wait to get my hands on, but the crowning segment goes to Star Wars Battlefront II. We got 30 minutes devoted to to the game that right now seems far, far away. The previous game was great but it had one main glaring omission: a single-player campaign. Well, now we get one, and the twist? We get to play on the side of the Empire. Take that. Ahem, anyway. It wasn’t a fantastic start for EA but it certainly picked up toward the end.



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