My E3 Folly

I did something foolish. Before E3 2017 reared its oversized and exaggerated head I was ready to report on the latest and greatest in the gaming world. The plan was to write small 200-300 word news pieces after each new announcement and things went rather well at first. But like most plans, it didn’t quite work out the way I wanted. It soon became clear that with work and other commitments it was highly unlikely that I was going to be able to write about every game, as quick as I would have liked at least.

So I scaled back massively and shifted my goal somewhat. I still plan on writing articles and news pieces on what came out of this years E3, but the ones I do write will be more focused. I won’t be writing about everything, only the most significant, and in my eyes, interesting items.

Next year I would like to be in a position where I’m writing about E3 professionally, but if not I’ve already got a few friends who are interesting in joining me in my coverage.

So do yourself a favour, observe my folly. Acknowledge your limits like I have mine. It’s great to be ambitious but I’ve found that it’s also important to be realistic. I’m familiar with people who cover E3 professionally and even as a team it drains them completely of energy. So I’ve lived and I’ve learned and next time I’ll do better.

Currently I’m writing a new review which will be finished and published as soon as possible. I’m also trying to figure out what sort of articles I’ll be writing about on a weekly basis from now. Initially I wanted to just write reviews and news items, but I’m finding other things that I want to write about. One idea is a video game wish list of sorts. It’ll consist of ideas for games I’m in the mood to play but don’t exist (to my knowledge).



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