I’m not sure who I’d be apologising to but I’ll apologise for my recent dereliction of duties none the less. A rather big thing has happened since my last blog post, and when I say rather big I mean monumental. So much so I’ve had to devote all my time solely to it. Allow me to explain. I recently applied for a job, one which I’ve wanted for a long time, and while on holiday in Prague (which was great, thank you) I received an email informing my that I was successful in reaching the next stage. At the moment I wouldn’t like to mention what the job is but suffice to say it’s a writing role. For this next stage I was tasked with writing a short review for a specific video game.

My first reaction was of shock; I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. My second reaction was one of relief knowing that my C.V is good enough to be noticed. My final, and most server reaction, was of utter despair having looked at the deadline for the review: July 24th, 9am. I wasn’t due back in the UK until the morning of the 22nd so a series a ruptures went off within my brain, but I wasn’t without hope. I had two solid days in which to play the game and write my review. If I allocated my time properly, I just might pull it off.

And so the moment I got back, I switched on my console and got stuck in. I managed to play the game twice on the Saturday and spend the whole of Sunday writing the review. I was in until dawn but managed to fire off the the review just in time.

My efforts paid off and a few days later I was invited to have a Skype interview, which was to take place just over a week later. So as you can imagine preparation began for that immediately and didn’t stop until the day of the interview.

If you’re interested, I think the interview went really well, but who knows who interviewed for the same role. I could be up against someone can throw down liquid gold prose while contemplating whose career they wish to devour next. Please keep your fingers crossed for me, I know mine are, tightly.

I shall have some bits up soon. I’d like to carry on with the Wishful Wednesdays and a bunch of reviews will be forthcoming. Thank you (whomever you are) for your patience. Service will resume shortly. 


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