Alright? I guess you’re here to find a little bit more about me so you can make the decision whether or not to stick around. Well, I suppose as you’re here I should just get on with it…

When I’m not desperately wishing that I lived in a Cyberpunk universe, with the rain drippind down my thick collared trench coat, and the the bright neon lights reflecting in my cold, calculating eyes, I’ll probably be trying to convince someone that actually a mobile phone has become the modern equivelant of a victorian pocket watch.

I like to talk and write about video games, movies, books and just about anything really. This blog will be the hub of all those things and I’ll include links to other places and publications for which I may have written.

A native of Bristol, I studied Animation at The University of the West of England. The plan was to become a 3D animator for video games, the result was wanting to be a writer, something which I failed to realise was always there. I remember fondly flicking through the glossy pages of GamesMaster or Mean Machines magazines, and watching the daring Dominik Diamond talk about waggling joysticks on GamesMaster as well as listening to the dulcet tones of Steve Priestley on Movies, Games, and Videos, and thinking that to write and talk about video games must be the best thing ever. I still believe that.

So, I’ll try to give you honest, unbiased and subjective reviews but at the same time I’ll be splashing my opinions all over the shop. Hopefully you’ll be amused, maybe even a little bit outraged, but rest assured I’ll always be trying to enlighten and entertain.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like me to write things for you.


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